Sunday, July 30, 2017

Gummy Venus de Milo trousers

Hello sewers!

I think Katie is the biggest sewing influence on me - I love her taste in both fabrics and patterns, and I'm always excited when she posts something new. When I read about her McCalls M7445 I was smitten and ordered the pattern that day. I love the cut of these trousers, the exposed zipper and the lovely square pockets.

I made them up in a denim from A-One Fabrics on Goldhawk Road, which was £7.50 per metre for 150cm wide. A-One has a nice denim selection, and they mostly have a bit of stretch, like this one did.

I sewed up a size 12 which is one smaller than my measurements, but going by the Big 4 oversize rule, 12 has worked for me in the past. I basted them, and then took 1cm wedge out of both side seams, and about 1" out of centre back seam. This meant I somehow bodged up the facing, so I had to re-draft that. I didn't bother interfacing my facing, and it's been fine and comfortable so far. I also took them up a bit further at the hems for swingy goodness.

Then... while I was dreaming about making these trousers one evening, inspiration (?) hit!! For months now, I have been holding onto a brilliant patch that my sister bought me in Brighton. It's a patch of the gummi Venus de Milo from the Simpsons episode, Homer Badman - a great classic! For anyone needing a refresher:

La Venus de jalea! I could only find this clip in Spanish but I think Homer's drool noise is even better here. Anyway, once I knew I was making blue jean trousers, how could I not put the gummi V de M on the bum! Of course I made sure it was on the correct side, for true Simpsons authenticity:

I've worn these out a few times and have been waiting for someone to gasp at my genius idea! So far, no dice - does this mean people are not looking at my bum?? Woeful news.

Gimme some of that sweet sweet can!


  1. Oh my god that Venus patch is hilarious! Love it, and great fitting trousers!

  2. The world is a flawed place, in so many ways, but chief among these is that your delightful Simpsons reference hasn't received the recognition it deserves. Kudos to you. Kudos. I doff my imaginary hat to you.