Friday, July 21, 2017

Wedding special!

Hello sewers!

In my last post I mentioned doing some toile-making for my friend's wedding, at which I was a bridesmaid. I went through three different toiles before going back to an old tried-and-trusted - Simplicity 1880. I've now made this dress five times, including my bridesmaid's dress. It's a winner for me! 

Our brief was pretty broad, but basically fellow bridesmaid Elfie and I wanted to match each other and of course match Sally the bride. So we went for cream-based fabrics, both from Shaukat. Mine is a Liberty tana lawn, which was every bit as nice to sew with as imagined. I'd never been to Shaukat before - holy treasure trove!!

I sewed it up as with my last ones, but extended the skirt to make a maxi to match Sally and Elfie. The skirt is just a simple A-line cut on the straight-grain. When it was finished I felt it needed something more, so I added ruffles by attaching them on my dummy - does this count as draping?? It felt like it to me, or at least the closest I've got so far! They are just a long piece cut on the bias and blind-stitched round the hem. I hand stitched them to the neckline too, as it seemed safest.

The dress on the day!

With Sally the bride, watching guests arrive...

Sally and Elfie, sisters! And here is Elfie's beautiful dress! This is the Eva Dress 1930 Evening Gown E30-6573, which she made with chiffon from Shaukat. Much more adventurous in the fabric department - I couldn't quite face sewing with chiffon!! 

Congratulations Sally and Dave!!


  1. Very pretty! You all looked gorgeous!

  2. Hello! I have tracked down your sewing blog and it is great and often hilarious! (Intentionally so, I mean...) You looked really lovely in your bridesmaid dress and it was so nice to meet you again at Sally and Dave's lovely wedding!
    Vick x (Sally's cousin)