Thursday, May 21, 2015

Morris Blazer number 2!

I made another Morris Blazer - this one in some kind of mystery synthetic interlock. A bargain at £4 a metre! Feels a bit like ponte roma, but stretchier. It was easy to sew with, and much comfier as the blazer than the linen blend was.

I cut the same size - 6 at the shoulders grading to an 8 at the hem. But as you can see from the side photograph, it bags out quite a bit at the back. Although I don't really mind this, when I have some more time I thought I'd add two ties at the back to pull it in a little. 

I used the wrong side of the fabric for the blazer facing, which I think makes it look a bit rock... \m/ ! 

I love this pattern!! 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Morris Blazer

I was really excited when I saw Katie's Morris Blazer - the shape reminded me of an old beloved Urban Outfitters blazer, and it seemed like it was within my skill level. The pattern is the super Morris Blazer by Grainline Studio

I wanted to make it up in a thick knit like ponte roma, but I had this linen/cotton blend (I think!) in my stash with no other project in mind. 

(I am in fact wearing a t-shirt under the blazer, which decided to disappear for photos!)

I think the fabric is not ideal, as it has very little/no stretch, which is not what the pattern is intended for. But I cut a 6 across the shoulders, grading to an 8 at the hem, and it fits okay as long as I don't do a ton of arm-raising. 

I made no changes to the pattern, and found the instructions really clear and, for me, it was a quick sew.

It wrinkles like mad... 

I'm very proud of my first foray into blazer making - I'm crazy about this pattern! And it'll make a nice change from endless shapeless cardies (the next things I'd like to sew!) But I definitely want to have a go in ponte for my next version... I'm thinking leopard print!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

More Hudsons for Mum!

Just a quick post with photos of Mum wearing another pair of Hudsons. Not many changes with this pair - I lengthened them by 2" as she didn't want the cuffs, which made the last pair a little short. She says she's really happy with these, and although not as fun as the patterned pair, they are much more practical in this black ponte roma. 

Friday, May 1, 2015

Compagnie-M Louisa Dress

This is the Louisa Dress by Compagnie-M, which I made for my god-daughter's second birthday. 

I downloaded the PDF - the instructions were really clear, and I didn't make any adjustments. It was my first go at piping, and at lining, which really tested my patience! I could NOT work it out for a while, but once I got it, it came together fine. 

I used old Liberty fabrics that had been in my mum's stash and are now in mine. I thought that this would be really quick to sew up, being so small. But the smallness actually made it harder in many ways. Setting in the sleeves, sewing round the neckline and dealing with the lining all felt difficult to me because of the small scale. 

Although I think the pattern is really beautiful (the versions on Pinterest are gorgeous), and I hope the dress gets wear, the experience hasn't made me want to sew more children's clothes. It has felt like a lot of work for something that will be grown out of fairly sharpish. I found myself being a bit lazy with seam finishing and pressing, because I kept thinking "oh well she won't be able to wear it for THAT long", which is obviously a bad attitude... we'll see, but it's back to grown up sewing for me, for now! 

(Though I do want to print my own fabrics at some point, in which case I might re-embrace children's dress patterns!)