Thursday, September 3, 2015

Bits and bobs sewing!

Hello! This is a quick round up of a couple of projects I've finished recently. I made a couple more appliquéd bags for my friend's twin niece and nephew. I interfaced the letters and then they were pretty simple to sew on.

Then last weekend I spent a day with my mum (thanks Mum!) block printing and sewing up cushion covers. We only completed two - we're seeing them more as prototypes! And I'm not sure, what with how labour intensive the whole business is, how much more I'll be doing! 

Either way, I'm going to have some for sale in my online shop, hurrah!

The cushion pads are duck feather, and the finished cushions measure 16" x 16". 

 Purrrrfect to jolly up any sofa or chair!

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