Wednesday, August 26, 2015



When I first saw pictures of Closet Case Files' new pattern, the Sallie Jumpsuit, I was KEEN. I love jumpsuits and the idea of wearing tip-to-toe cotton jersey. And I knew just the jersey I fancied - a beautiful slub black cotton one from my favourite Organic Textile Company.

Sadly for me spaghetti straps look heinous on me, but I was really excited about the kimono style top. When I'd downloaded the PDF pattern and stuck it together, I started wondering about the trousers. I'm not much for 70s style, and I very rarely wear heeled shoes, so I worried about the long wide trousers. I thought I'd get more use out of a tapered style, and one of my favourite things 
I've sewn are my Hudson Pants

So I had a go at putting them together. I followed the length of the rise from crotch to waist on the Sallie pattern, extending the Hudson pattern (about 4" I think) to match. From there they fitted together really well, being the same size at the waist. I left off the cuffs at the bottom, as I quite like them as they are, and don't want it too look too sporty.

Adjustments I would make next time would be to lower the armholes by 1/2" and lengthen the pants rise by 1" for a bit more space... I may have had a few wedgies wearing these guys - but nothing that has stopped me wearing this twice this week!

Thanks to the big v-neck back it's easy to get these on and off, phew! I see from these pics that the bum is bagging after two wears and I don't even care! I really really love this jumpsuit. I'd like to make it again with the adjustments, but I can't imagine doing it in any other colour or in a print - I feel like that might be too much... but maybe if I found some super 80s-style printed jersey, that could be the business!

And what's a jumpsuit good for??

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