Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunset Brumby

Hello! I hope you are having great weekends.

Today I have some pics of a new Brumby skirt, hurrah! 

I've had a lovely orange linen which I bought on sale at the Organic Textile Company a few months ago on the spur of the moment - not my usual colour, but I thought it could work on the bottom half! This is my third go at the Brumby Skirt by Megan Nielsen, and I think my favourite so far.

I haven't much to add to my notes from my last two - I did Version 1 this time, which has slightly less gathers, a good thing on my shape. I left off Megan's scallop pockets in favour of these black patch ones (with added red buttons, naturally!) and I did the centre topstitching in black to match.

Exposed zippers, still not my forte!

I made up a size Small like my last one, but this time using 4/8" seam allowances throughout, and the fit now is pretty much spot on I think.

I think this will be a jolly winter skirt with bright tights on gloomy London days. 

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