Saturday, June 2, 2018

Marilla Walker's Roberts Jumpsuit!

Hello fellow sewers!

I'm here to show a jumpsuit I first sewed about six months ago, but which has been through a few changes to get to this point. This is the jumpsuit from Marilla Walker's Roberts Collection! I've sewn up the dungarees before from this pattern collection, and a top made from the jumpsuit half. 

This jumpsuit was originally blue fabric from Fabworks. It was kind of insipid and I thought I might like it more in black. Which I do - but boy, dyeing is a real pain in the butt. Maybe I'm just lazy, but the hassle of it was something I'm NOT keen to repeat - and my sink is still stained a few weeks later.

I made changes by taking in a 2 1/4" wedge from the centre back seam, starting at the top and grading down. This makes the V a bit narrower, which I prefer. I also added shoulder pads, breast pockets and a long self-tie, all of which seem 100% invisible in photographs.

Except from the side - hark at you, self-tie!

I love Marilla Walker's pattern and aesthetic. And I love this jumspuit!

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