Friday, May 11, 2018

Denim Sapporo Coat

Hello spring sewers!

I'm here to show off my second Sapporo Coat by Papercut Patterns, this time in a lovely blue slubby denim from The Cloth House.

My last Sapporo gets tons of wear, and I really fancied one in denim. I'm pleased with this guy. I didn't make any alterations and sewed up a straight size S/XS like last time. It's still nice and big!

[EDIT] I just read my post about my last version in which I said I fancied a big tartan Sapporo - such a good idea, Past Me! Wish I'd listened, current me is an idiot! Next time...

It's lined in a linen I got online somewhere, and felt really underwhelmed by when it arrived. So it can hide in here, not annoying me too much, and thinking about what it's done! Bad boring linen!

Lovely cocoony back!

I've tried wearing this with a baggier look underneath but I think its oversize means leggings and skinny jeans look better... but I'd like to work a triple denim look (full Canadian tuxedo) with this, so will keep trying!

Yay Sapporo! To you I say: more-o!

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