Saturday, February 6, 2016

Gingham and dungs

Hello fellow sewers! 

I'm here to show a second dress made from the same pattern as the last one. The top is a hack of the Anna bodice, with a gathered rectangle skirt again, this time in nice gingham from The Cloth House

I didn't really make much in the way of changes after the last version, bar taking a 1/2 cm wedge from the shoulder seams on both front and back bodice. Also I remembered to stay stitch the neckline this time - I think the combination of these two moves eliminated the small bit of neckline bagging that the last dress suffers from.

I also added a long tie made with the remnants from 1.5m of fabric - wrapped twice round I think it adds a nice touch. I tried out buttons but they didn't seem to work for this dress, so the tie was a way to add some interest. 

Next up are these dungarees from the excellent Marilla Walker's Roberts Collection. I cut a size 3 on the top tapering to a 4 for the bottom half. I think this was an error, and next time (I'd like to make the jumpsuit for summer) I will cut a 3 throughout.

I used a nice medium weight cotton from Goldhawk Road, and these chaps are very comfortable, though they are also a little big. But I think they'll come into their own in summer, and I was excited about my first go using snaps - a pleasure to get hammering with those. 

The thin straps and high back are a particular feature of this pattern that I love!

I finally took the plunge and ordered some fabric from Miss Matatabi, so I'm looking forward to making something with it - there are some weddings coming up and I'd really like to sew some special things for them... the top dress pattern was made with that in mind, but I'm not sure it's dressy enough for a wedding... plans plans plans!


  1. Ooh - I really like your version of the dungarees :)
    Question - did you have trouble hammering your snaps through the straps?
    Did you interface the straps? If your blog stats have jsut gone through the roof it is because I just found your blog and have been scrolling back through your projects to give my mojo a boot :)

    1. Hello! Ha ha thanks for looking through, I'll check my blog stats!
      I had no trouble with the snaps, I practiced first then it was fine and I just used a normal Prym kit. I don't think I interfaced the straps , though I don't remember - I did whatever Marilla's pattern instructions said! I made them too big though so haven't' worn them much, definitely want to do another, smaller pair as it's a great pattern! :-)