Monday, April 2, 2018

Red n spotty

Hello fellow sewers! Long time, no sew!

Somehow I just haven't been getting much in the way of sewing done lately. I've had a few serious failures, which is always off-putting, and then felt a bit stuck for what to do next! But this dress had been sitting around, unfinished, for a few months - unfinished no longer!

The bodice is the Christine Haynes Emery Dress, with the centre fronts extended to make a button placket. Due to the fabric being stretch jersey though, I don't actually need the buttons so have just sewn them through.

The skirt is a big rectangle sewn with one seam down the back, with long ties into the back darts to cinch in the waist a bit.

I bought this fabric from A-One on Goldhawk Road - it's a shocker - not very stretchy, and so repellent to needles that my machine basically couldn't handle it at all. It was skipping stitches a depressing amount, and breaking the thread - so I ended up doing a bit of hand-sewing on this guy. 

But actually I kind of like it! It languished for months because halfway through it felt like the most horrible dress ever - a good lesson to push on through, as then even if it IS horrid, at least it's finished enough to be given away.

It has more of a 50s vibe than I was expecting - the ladybird spots I guess! Anyway, I like it, and it's been a good reminder of when sewing goes right, and makes me feel good!

Until soon!

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