Saturday, December 2, 2017

A couple of Reetas!

Hello sewers! It's me, back with TWO Named Reeta Shirt Dresses!

I sewed both these dresses a couple of months ago, before falling into quite the slump, and not making anything since. I think this is due to the onset of winter, the clocks going back and general Novemberness. But taking these pics today has hopefully inspired me to get back to my machine...

I think part of the problem is that I don't particularly love either of the Reetas I made, despite being massively attracted to the pattern the moment I saw it. So they lay near my machine while I considered if there was a way I could make them more appealing to me... and eventually I've decided to move on - hence finally blogging them!

I think the problem may be that I don't love this long collar on me... which could explain why the Sew Over Vintage Shirt Dress, another pattern I made twice and love in concept, hardly gets any wear from me either. 

Anyway! This here version is in a lovely khadi cotton from The Cloth House, with some cactus/random animal embroidery round the top. I made up a straight size 38 for both dresses with no adjustments. I think the back bodice could have done with being a little shorter, but apart from that I think they're a good fit.

This second version is also khadi cotton, cream this time, with a denim collar and lapels. 

Looking at these again, I do suspect different fabric choices would have greatly helped - more drape and pattern if I do venture back this way again...

A little bird tattoo on the arm! Sailor-style.

Bye, Reeta! I gave you a good shot but don't think you're for me. Time for something new!

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