Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Stripy Anna/Elisalex/Darling Ranges mush again!

Hello! I'm just back from the Bologna Book Fair for work, and then a few jolly days in Lucca. There was a film festival on, some of which was zombie-themed (my worst!) but excellently fun. 

This is a dress I made for a wedding just before I went. It's the same pattern mash-up as the last one, so I've nothing more to add about it really. I can see from the pics that I think I made the skirt a little short, so I'll lengthen it for any further versions!

The cotton was on sale from Miss Matatabi, and I love it - I bought some in the same cream with red stripes, which I'm hoping will make an excellent skirt. 

 I've started making dress drawings, so that I don't forget plans, and also they're helping me work out pattern placement a bit. It's nice to look back and see how close things stayed to the idea. Here's the last blue dress, which I wasn't so keen on.

And here were some plans for the wedding guest dress. I decided against the red buttons and Fimo belt, but apart from that it's the same!

And here's the dress with an escort. Isn't he a sharp fella?

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