Sunday, March 27, 2016

Anna/Elisalex/Darling Ranges mush

Hello sewers! Do any other Nancy Mitford fans out there hear Uncle Matthew saying "damned sewers" whenever they read that? 

Here I am again with yet another blue chambray dress... this bodice started out as an Anna hack - here are my first and second versions. The neckline wasn't working that well with the facings I'd drafted: the points were un-crisp and more curved that pointed. Then somewhere in blogland I read about making a placket using Megan Nielsen's neckline drafting from the Darling Ranges dress (which was one of my earliest sewing projects). 

So I tacked that onto the centre front of my Anna hack, and I'm much happier with the neckline now - it's an excellent way to bind a neckline, and I generally prefer bias binding to facing anyway, as my facing tends to get a bit bunched up, try as I might. The skirt is the Elisalex, with a bit of dart moving to match the bodice, and 2 1/4" added to the front to make the button placket. And I shortened the skirt quite a bit.

The fabric is from Classic Textiles on Goldhawk Road, and the buttons from Shepherds Bush Market. I had to add a hook and eye on the torso as it was all kinds of gaping; perhaps I could widen the pattern a little there for the next time - which there will be.

I did have pause about using the Elisalex skirt, as although I love the shape, I wondered if the more casual look of a button-through might look weird with the dressier tulip shape. 

And perhaps it does! But I like it! Is it fancy?? Is it casual??? WHO KNOWS???!?

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