Thursday, February 25, 2016

Sending out an SOS

Hello! On this sad (for us), good (for Bruce) day when tickets for The Boss's Wembley show sold out before we could get any, here is a cheeeery jumpsuit! 

I was a bit under the weather on Monday, which gave me a chance to realise MY VISION. Which was of this super alphabet fabric from new-to-me shop Fabworks, combined with the Sallie/Hudson jumpsuit. MY VISION turned out to need testing and new glasses... 

Oh woe. Definitely more Alpha-Barney than Alpha-Betty.

More of a chumpsuit than a jumpsuit ho HO! I didn't make much change to the pattern after my last version of this, apart from to extend the trouser rise by 1" to circumvent the wedgie problem I had with the last one. And it STILL wasn't enough. I guess I have a relatively long torso - like a chimp. This is a better fit, but for the next version (I fancy one in something from Fabworks's animal print selection!) I'll raise it a bit more.

Let's see a fabric close-up - the fabric is really nice!

Can you read the top row please? Oh my poor "i"s...

I tried to get a photo of my bum in this jumpsuit which didn't make it look like a distended sack of scrabble tiles, but, like getting a Bruce at Wembley ticket without first getting it on with a roadie,






I'll take a P please.

Anyway, although this may not be the world's most successful garment (unflattering, a bit see-through, just generally a bit weird), it sure is Born for Fun, Dancing in the Park, and Glory Days! So wrap your legs round these velvet rims, and strap your hands 'cross my engines! 


  1. Haha I love it! You remind me of Ilana from Broad City - I could totally see her rocking this.

    1. Ha ha, thank you, that is a big compliment! :-)