Sunday, June 7, 2015

Simplicity 1880

Sallie's was one of the first sewing blogs I found when I started sewing. I love her style, the patterns she choses, the way she wears them and talks about them. I have a lot of patterns she's made on my Pinterest board of desire. One of my favourite dresses of hers is her purple Simplicity 1880 (and Sallie's made another beautiful version here) - I had the pattern for a few months before getting round to it last week.

I read Sallie's comments and that she'd followed the tutorial which Sunni made, so I did the same, and very helpful it was too! I felt less nervous embarking on a non-indie pattern with some online hand-holding. Having read a bit about Big 4 sizing, I made the pattern up in a straight size 12, with no adjustments, and it fits great. The only thing I did different from Sunni was the neckline (I was a little confused about the sticky stay tape) - for that I used my experience of bias binding from the Darling Ranges dress, and it turned out well - my best bias bound neckline yet: seriously exciting!

This dress was a lot of firsts for me. The big ones were that it was the first time using a Big 4 pattern on my own, and the first time using drapey non-cotton fabric. I loved this bargainous chap which cost me £4.50 a metre at one of the Goldhawk Road shops, and which kept winking at me from the window as I walked by. It's a crepey-feeling poly mix with lots of drape and lots of fraying action. I'm afraid I took these pics before I hemmed the dress because I have to work myself up to that. After hanging as per the instructions for a night, it's all kinds of wonky and I know it'll take me an age to work it out.

I'd read both Sallie and Sunni saying that they had some gaping issues with the neckline, and trying mine on I was getting the same problem. I didn't want to stitch the neckline, then I remembered these lovely red Etsy buttons I had and I'm really, really pleased with how they look. They stop the gaping, but look natural in a way that I feel one stitch wouldn't. They also add to the vintage look of the dress - to my eyes, anyway!

All in all, I'm so happy with this one. Annoyed yet again to have been suckered into buying cream, as it doesn't really do much for me - which is a shame, because it jumps out at me, every time! 

I want to go straight onto making this dress up again, this time in jollier colours, and perhaps a more maxi length...!

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  1. Beautiful Tor! The buttons were a genius idea! I wanna make now! And the cream looks nice on you. xx