Saturday, January 28, 2017

Papercut Guise Pants

Hello January sewers!

I'm here with a pair of Guise Pants by Papercut Patterns, made up in the first fabric I bought online when I started sewing again two years ago. I can't remember where I bought this fabric now, but it's a quilting weight cotton with leopards on it. It turned out not ideal for these trousers, but I was imagining a wearable toile.

I made up the size S with no adjustments, except to shorten the elastic at the back to really cinch them in. As with my experience of making the Rigel Bomber, the Papercut Patterns instructions are clear and helpful. My first go with back welt pockets and my first lone fly front were managed pretty well thanks to these instructions.

The final product - major meh. It's partly the fabric - the nice pleats at the front are lost in the leopards, and the drape is lame with the quilting cotton. But I think more than that, this shape doesn't suit me. They're too low-rise for my preference - I like trousers to sit at my natural waist, and I like to tuck stuff in. These bring back memories of low-slung big trousers from my teens, not in a good way.

So, I think these will be heading charity shopwards pretty soon. But they were good experience. Onwards, to bigger and better trousers in the future!


  1. Oh it's a shame you don't love them, I think they look pretty fab. And I'll be 100% honest, this is the first pair of guise pants that I haven't thought looked beige, boring and matronly. Most people make them up in a solid and they look like they've been bought from the polyester section of a discount clothing store. These are fab. If you do op shop them I'm sure someone else will think they're beyond awesome!

  2. Thanks Sarah! I think I quite like the polyester discount look ha ha! But I know what you mean - I think if they were higher rise I'd prefer them lots. Pity you're so far away otherwise you could have them!!