Saturday, May 14, 2016

Culottes again

Hello sewers!

I am here to show off my second pair of Butterick B6178 culottes. I've finally unpicked the baboon bum zip from the last pair, and they are just waiting for an invisible zip and then will hopefully get some wear this summer. In the meantime I made these guys, with some adjustments. 

This is checked white denim, another buy from Fabworks - this time a birthday voucher from my super friend Hattie! Adjustments I made were to raise the waist rise by 1", while also tapering the waist in by about 3/4" on the front and back side seams. What I hadn't realised was that the combination of the higher and smaller waist would mean they hit me right in the middle of my breathing-bit of my stomach (medical terminology), and were way too tight. 

I also had to buy a 9" zip rather than the stipulated 7" to get into them. I unpicked and sewed the seams with a 3/8" seam instead... so next time perhaps I'll lower the waist again, but keep them smaller.

I kind of like these guys... the fabric perhaps is a little stiff for the culottes. And obviously, a super impractical colour. I made them with a wedding in mind, but I think they are too modern casual clown for that. 

Until next time!

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