Monday, July 13, 2015

Tablecloth Brumby skirt

I went to a wonderful wedding just gone in Norwich, and had my first experience of shape note singing - an a cappella folk hymn singing with its roots in 19th-century America. It was very moving and I loved taking part. And I wore my new Brumby Skirt for the occasion! 

The Brumby is Megan Nielsen's new skirt pattern, and it's very loveable - it has nice topstitching detail down the front, and lovely big curved front pockets. And I knew just the fabric for it - in South Africa about 15 years ago I found this cream and black print in a textile printing and weaving shop. I have been using it as a tablecloth (for best!) ever since. So, it was a little worse for wear and sporting a few of what my friend Hania calls food medallions. I had to be a bit cunning to cut round those, or hide them away in the pockets, and was mostly successful!

I absolutely love the fabric, which is a thick, roughish cotton, and the print is also very dear to me.

My first exposed zipper - love the look of these, but I definitely need a ton of practise.

Cotton waistband lining.

I followed the instructions as they were given and found them nice and clear. I put the waistband on upside down at first, which was maddening and required a lot of unstitching, but I hopefully won't make that mistake twice!

I cut a size M but then took 1/2" off each end of the waistband and its lining - so 1" off the waist altogether. It's still a little big, so next time I'll cut the S and hope that won't be too snug! I'm still figuring out how tightly I want my waistbands to fit. 

There are many excellent things about this pattern, but my favourite has to be the giant pockets. Here they are in action - holding a shoe, a copy of Dr De Soto, the TV remote, a wooden guinea fowl and a CD. And still plenty of room for more! I may forgo a handbag from now on and just decant everything into these pockets. Hurrah for the Brumby!


  1. This is such a gorgeous skirt - that fabric is amazing! I love that it's on its second use as well. I'm hoping to get a Brumby skirt, or two, made up for winter and that's how I came across your blog. I'm enjoying have a ready through your posts and seeing your makes.

  2. Thanks so much Kathryn! It's a great pattern, I really enjoy the two I've made and have another in the works! I'll look out for yours, and thanks for stopping by and reading!