Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Finished dress!

My keenness on sewing continues, and this was my latest project! A couple of weeks ago I went to a one-day class at Ray Stitch, taught by the very talented Alice Prier. The class was called Recreate Your Favourite Garment, and I brought along a dress I love, and a midi skirt in case the dress was too difficult.

Alice taught us a great technique for making a pattern from our old clothes, and I took away a dress pattern at the end of that day. I wondered if it was a little ambitious for me to sew, but it's been great! I've definitely learned a ton doing this, and bits that I thought would be very hard were easier, and vice versa. The buttons for example, which looked like a nightmare, were easy peasy, whereas the darts were trickier.

It's not a perfect fit on me, but then neither was the original. I managed to lose some neck space, so it bunches up a bit there, and is a bit billowy around the middle. But apart from that, I'm pretty thrilled!

Bonjour. Je suis le original dress. I found it in a Paris frip store, and it had massive holes in the arms from day one. Plus I'm not much of a red-wearer - quelle domage!

I think it was the buttons and the neckline shape that I liked the most, and wanted to copy.

Pattern made in Alice's class, then I added a seam allowance and cut it out at home. Pretty stripy fabric from Ray Stitch.

Pocket pride.

Almost there - just need some arms...

Arms! And I made a belt too, to solve the billowy middle problem. I ordered the plastic buckle off Ebay, about £3 I think.

Just look at those bad boys!

With belt...

Without! As the French frip shop intended.

What next what next what next???